How to Crack Neet in First Attempt 10 Tips to crack NEET 2022 Exam

How to Crack Neet in First Attempt 10 Tips to crack NEET 2022 Exam

How to Crack NEET 2022 in First Attempt – Preparation 10 Tips & Tricks

How to Crack Neet? Do you want to prepare for the NEET exam? How do you prepare the net? Looking for information on this, if yes, then this article is for you. Nowadays, many students are preparing for NEET. Successful people say that the preparation for any exam should be done in an easy way, which also facilitates the preparation for us, we are able to prepare well or save time, you can join NEET Training Center in Coimbatore for best results.

Now is the time for competition, if you want to pass any exam at this time then you have to get good results in the exam. Because only those who get good results get a chance to move forward. If you think you will get a score of 50 out of 100, and then you can be chosen, you are thinking wrong. Because right now you have to score 90 or more than 100, only then can you have a chance to move forward. Because only those who score more are included in the merit list.

Today in this article how do you prepare Nate? (NEET Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare), NEET Exam Preparation Methods. Of course, this information will be useful to many students. Let’s get started and find out what is Nate? And why is Nate ready? Information related to this

What is NEET and why is NEET prepared?

NEET Full Form: National Eligibility Entrance Test

NEET is known as the ‘how to crack neet’.

The National Eligibility Entrance Test i.e. NEET is the AIEE Exam, which is conducted by CBSE. It is a nationwide entrance examination that is taken for admission to medical school. This test is mandatory to obtain medical admission. Explain that through this exam students get admission in courses like MBBS, BDS, MS, and MD.

For information, tell us that the NEET test is divided into two parts, NEET UG and NEET PG. NEET UG stands for “NEET Undergraduate Exam” and NEET PG stands for “NEET Postgraduate Exam”.

One can get admission in MBBS and BDS under NEET undergraduate examination and can gain admission in MS and MD under NEET postgraduate examination.

10 Tips to Crack NEET

As NEET is approaching with bullet train speed, it’s time to pull up your socks and get ready for the adventurous and trepidations journey ahead, with full devotion and maximal hard work. The D-day, for which you have been waiting eagerly for the last one and a half years, is a few months away now. As an extension of my previous NEET Preparation blog, here are some crisp tips on how to crack neet with a high score!

1-Avoid Deviations from NEET Preparation Time

How do you avoid distractions?

In the modern era, the smartphone is the biggest distraction, and yes, it is very normal to get distracted while preparing for NEET. Some common distractions during NEET studies include smartphones (a major distraction), parties, marriages, jobs, and hangouts due to peer pressure and relationships.

So, first of all, keep this in your mind, as someone rightly said

This means that if we associate ourselves with something specific and with a heart, we automatically get rid of other distractions that we are currently pursuing. Our minds aren’t strong enough to break habits just by thinking and telling you “I shouldn’t study, I won’t use my phone”. Take the example of a child, if you intentionally prevent a child from doing a certain activity, such as saying “don’t go into that room”, will they stop? Of course not. He would feel the need to go into that room, stronger than he had been before.

Similar is the state of our minds. If you decide in the morning that you won’t be using Insta, FB, etc., and just put the phone aside and start studying, are you able to stop yourself from checking notifications? Think about it for yourself, the answer is no. And if you resist, you will not be able to stop yourself for more than an hour and you will have a strong desire to check notifications. You are likely to use your smartphone for longer than usual by convincing yourself that you studied a lot and need a break.


2-NEET Daily Review on how to crack neet

I came across questions and answers from NEET aspirants, What should my NEET revision strategy and schedules be?

Look, everyone should prepare their own NEET review strategy that fits the time they have after training, education, etc. Every student is not the same.

I divided my preparation for NEET into two phases 24 hours a day. I reached these stages in grade 12, not grade 11, where I was studying infrequently.

Normal stage

At this point in how to crack neet review, I’m used to completing the three subject topics taught in class regularly, with little delay.


Our physics teacher used to give us about 30-40 numbers per day to solve from the book we follow. So after coming home, I would read the topic being taught in class from the teacher’s notes (yes, I didn’t study the NEET NCERT books until the board exams finally!) and then solve all these questions and pose doubts that will be asked the next day.


After returning home, I would first read the topic from the reference book, followed by reading the NEET NCERT Books topic on the same day. In the case of Physical Chemistry, I have solved about 10-15 numbers from a given topic.


Biology never seemed like a big deal to me, regular one-hour study of reference biology books and the same subject from NCERT books (must do, no excuses) was enough. Our teacher used to set 3-4 daily charts in general which we first had to draw with copies of the book at home (mostly NEET NCERT book charts) and then had to draw them the next day in class (just for some spontaneous charts). So the charts were applied in conjunction with the textual studies.

How to Crack Neet in First Attempt 10 Tips to crack NEET 2022 Exam

Review phase

In the NEET review stage, I used to review my methodology according to Allen Online NEET Exam Series. I had about two weeks to prepare for one NEET mock test.

After completing the normal phase, I generally stayed about 3-5 hours. So here I followed an alternate schedule for each two-week cycle:

I studied biology regularly every day for 1.5 – 2 hours, I took first an NCERT reading and then a superficial review of the reference material, as the content in the reference was too broad to read completely, so only superficial and important concepts were reviewed.

The alternate day was devoted to physics and chemistry. For the remaining 1 to 1.5 hours, here is my schedule:

Monday: I did my physics revision on the first day, as I was completing the theoretical part of chapter 11

Tuesday: Chemistry theory part of chapter 11, reading from the NCERT textbooks

Wednesday: Physics questions from reference books and NCERT book questions

Thursday: A superficial review of chemistry from reference books and a peek at the important questions highlighted and the beginning of the MCQs provided at the end of the chapter

Friday: Physics MCQs + NEET Previous Year Papers

Saturday: Chemistry rush to complete NEET’s previous year MCQ + papers

Sunday: Nah! There is no time for fun or rest, and usually, I could not complete the above work in a week, so the suspended work was due to be finished on Sunday.

Same for next week but just replace Class 11 with Class 12 classes.

3-How often should I review the syllabus?

In my opinion, it depends on certain criteria; I will discuss the main factors in different parts.

4-Practice subject-wise exams on how to crack neet

Here I will talk about the series of Allen tests that I took, which are the most popular. I’m talking about the thread-wise test series.

5-The Importance of Mnemonics in NEET Preparation

In this tip, I will talk about mnemonics.

Try to make mnemonics for things you often forget even after repeated revisions

This will help you to remember in one shot whenever asked, don’t make forgetting concepts your weakness, try to overcome it by making mnemonics.

Here I’ll take an example of Chapter Biomolecules and try to tell you how I set it up using mnemonics and sticky notes. You have to remember all these structures.

6-Use technology to prepare how to crack neet

So, in my opinion, today we are given a wide range of technology and we have to make full use of the technology for our study only (at least for two years). So app-based preparation is useful but the main thing is to choose good apps for preparation.

7-How much time to give co-curricular activities in NEET preparation?

In my opinion, if your co-curricular activity is smartphone games or any social media, then it should not be strictly prohibited. But we can’t study the whole day continuously without any break, so in between, we need something to do. So what did you do?

8-Read NCERT books for biology

As everyone knows, NCERT is the best biology book for NEET preparation. This is the book I have read more than once in my entire life.

9-Learn from your mistakes in preparing how to crack neet

I will now show how I realized the importance of each aspect and the importance of learning from mistakes through my own experience while solving MCQs.


My friends have attended a good college, but I just can’t make this feat! why?

The solution: Every person on this earth has his destiny and things happen in his time.

You are never too early or too late to start something!

Do not think that your friends’ luck is better than theirs or that your luck is in the hole. You should be glad that you get another chance to score a higher score than your friends. You deserve more and this is your chance to do better and get a better college next time. Just one year of hard work.

How to Crack Neet in First Attempt 10 Tips to crack NEET 2022 Exam

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